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Panathletic Fitness Loop Bands: The Smoothest Bands Available

Panathletic fitness bands are smoother than bands from other brands, which prevents you from getting a burning feeling on your skin when you repeatedly stretch the band during exercise. There’s only one way to bring about this smoothness: we let the natural latex rest for at least two years, tightly controlling circumstances such as temperature and humidity. Needless to say this entails a higher investment on our part. But we think this is a small price to pay for giving you the best possible exercise experience.

Included in Your Package:

Green fitness band/ Light: 2 – 4 lb
Blue fitness band/ Medium: 6 – 8 lb
Yellow fitness band/ Heavy: 10 – 13 lb
Red fitness band/ X Heavy: 15 – 20 lb
Black fitness band/ XX Heavy: 25 – 30 lb
Bonus 1: Carrying bag
Bonus 2: Instructions for a full-body workout

Further Information 5-Band Set:

Weight: 115 gr./ 4 oz.
Packed size: 5 x 2.5 x 12.5 cm.
(without packaging, but including carrying bag and instructions)

MANUAL IN YOUR HANDS – Your loop band set includes a photo-illustrated workout guide so you can start your training on the spot. It contains exercises for both the lower and the upper body, for a true full-body workout. Each exercise is described in two simple steps and accompanied by glossy color photos.
MOST COMPLETE EBOOK – Expand your training with our 55+ pages eBook, full of illustrated exercises, training programs and lots of useful information. Also available in Spanish. We will send you the eBook as a PDF by email or you can use the weblink in your manual to get your copy.
HIGH END & DURABLE – 12 x 2 inches. These top quality loop bands come in 5 levels which are clearly marked on the bands. Made from natural latex they are ultra durable: your best bet for fitness, yoga, cardio, calisthenics, crossfit, strength training, pilates, and physical therapy.
SKIN FRIENDLY NATURAL LATEX – It is a common problem that some loop bands can be rough on the skin, causing a burning sensation on the wrists or ankles when stretched. Our bands are made from high quality latex that is smooth as silk; they are very comfortable on the skin even after the longest workouts.
100% TIMELESS GUARANTEE – If you are not entirely happy with your purchase, we will promptly replace your item or give you your money back. Contact us via the order page or reply to one of our emails. We always respond within 24 hours, also on weekends and holidays.


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